Hairstyles for the Bride.

Well boys and girls, the time has come to talk hairstyles!!!!!!

I have no idea what to do with the bridesmaids hair, so any ideas are welcome!!!!! (You’d think being and ex- hairdresser it would be easy!)  However, I do have an idea of what I would like to do with my hair. I’m going to grow it for starters. (Isn’t that what brides-to-be do???) Its going to stay red, the brighter the better, and I would like to have it wavy, not curly, wavy, with one side pinned back with a big red/black flower. Now I’m quite lucky as my hair grows quite quickly. Last November it was an inch long, now its shoulder length pretty much.

This is the line I’m going down:

Cant wait to start trying out some styles!

Big Luv




About vintagebridetobe

On the 12th May 2012, I shall be marrying my best friend. We first met in 2006 when a mutual friend introduced us at a gig. We then met again at a gig at Concorde 2 in Brighton in 2008 through the same friend. Personal circumstances for both of us were very different than the first time we met and we became very good friends. After months and months of messages on Facebook, text messages and gigs, we finally got together at Download 2008 where James' band, Brigade were playing. I moved to Suffolk from Brighton a few months later and we've lived together ever since. He proposed on Xmas Day morning 2010 in we're now in full swing wedding planning! I love anything vintage, rockabilly, retro, rock n roll and tattoos. I've been studying criminology and psychology and work full time in the local village. I'm taking a break from studying at present and just enjoying being me to be honest! I'm loving making stuff and maybe one day I can make a bit of money from being creative!

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  1. Its really a Nice Post. Thank You for sharing such a Good looking hair styles.

  2. I heart the hairstyle with the red victory rolls in front! They look like a heart! I’m also going for rockabilly wedding next year and thats how I’m doing my hair. i also dont know what i’m having the maids do with theirs yet.


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